Nirayama strawberry picking center

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour show you Strawberry picking. Enjoy your sweet strawberry time !

1 【1】
Mt.Fuji !!
You can see beautiful Mt.Fuji from here.
2 【2】
First, You will check in at the reception desk.
3 【3】
Attendant will guid you to the plastic greenhouse.
4 【4】
Let's start Strawberry picking !!
You will get a cup of condensed milk.
5 【5】
What a big field!
it's comfortably warm in the greenhouse.
6 【6】
It looks so yummy ! ^^
There are a lot of strawberries which grew very sweet.
7 【7】
It's my first picking !
I will give this strawberry to my Mom.
8 【8】
My mission is success !!!
I got a big and crimson strawberry.
9 【9】
Yum yum...!
I can eat all strawberries in here !!
10 【10】
That was so sweet and yummy. ^0^
We ate strawberries till we were full.
11 【11】
It's free of charge Canola flower picking!
You can get Canola flowers for souvenir.
12 【12】
Here is the Farm Shop.
There are many strawberry products.
13 【13】
It's a fresh strawberry ice cream!
It's so delicious!
I love this.....^^
14 【14】
"BeniHoppe" strawberries pack
We have fresh strawberries packs for souvenir.
15 【15】
We produce Jam using fresh strawberries.
"BeniHoppe Premium Jam", "Wine Berry Jam", "Fresh picked Strawberry Jam" (mogitate Ichigo Jam).
16 【16】
We have samples.
You can try it !!
17 【17】
"Ichigo Daifuku"
There is a whole "BeniHoppe Strawberry" in the "mochi".
18 【18】
Strawberry wrist strap
19 【19】
We have a lot of strawberry snacks.

Contuct us
JANirayama Ichigogari Center
〒410-2141  69-9 Nirayamayamaki Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone 055-949-8215 期間中のみ
FAX 055-949-0321

事務局 JA Izunokuni Nirayama branch
〒410-2141 702-3 Nirayamayamaki Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone 055-949-1342 FAX 055-949-6234
いちごハウス100棟完備 いちご栽培面積27,000㎡
■Entry Hours 9:00~16:00
■Open 7 days a week
Multipurpose Toilets installed

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Tour Guide of environs

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